wysiwyg* Project Map.
The map for your next project.

How it works

Digitisation is the driving force. But where to start, what priorities to set, what concrete goals to pursue? This is what the Project Map finds out. We develop the cornerstones of your project very compactly and quickly in a workshop, together with you and your stakeholders.


Telephone interview with the one in charge.
Collating the fundamentals. Evaluation of market situation and competition.


One day at your site. 3-6 participants: Stakeholders and decision makers.


Presentation of evaluation, assessment and recommendation. We work out target groups, vision and goals of your project and give recommendations on methodology and process model. Presented in a project map ("Epic Map") with realistic priorities within 2 weeks.


As a result, you have a clear project definition that is understandable for all stakeholders. You then implement the project with us, another partner, in-house or not at all. But in any case on a much more concrete and measurable basis.

Easy, isn’t it?

Yes! It really is! Also the costs: of exactly four daily rates. Simply find out if the wysiwyg* Project Map can help you:

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