Canyon Bicycles Outlet App

App, responsive or mobile version - there was no universal answer to that in 2012, at least not from wysiwyg*. The overall mobile strategy is important. In the case of the Canyon bicycle direct sales vehicle, this consists of two elements. The mobile version ensures that Canyon can be found, admired and purchased on mobile devices across all platforms. The Outlet App for iPhone offers an interesting mobile commerce channel for Canyon and a real additional benefit for the end customer.

In the Canyon Outlet, remaining items are sold online, namely individual items. This is often associated with frustration, because it takes a lot of luck to get the bike you want in the right frame size-color combination. The highlight of the Outlet App is a push service that sends a notification to the mobile phone owner at the moment when a bike with the desired properties appears in the Outlet. Now the user can strike, directly on the spot, from the iPhone with just a few taps.

The purchase process is technically linked to the mobile version, so the implementation even produced synergy effects. With this app Canyon now generates additional sales and reduces storage costs.

2012 – 2015
in the AppStore
Project scope
Concept & Development

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