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When 100 daughters speak with one voice…

…every head of the family gets a headache. Formally, wysiwyg* was to create a responsive website for the management company of the raw materials and materials division based on a template created by the agency UDG. The real challenge was the presentation of the offer. Not that TKMI has nothing to offer - they offer almost infinite possibilities. Services from 100 companies in 500 branches, which consist partly of products and partly of services and,, e.g. in the area of pre-processing, lie somewhere in between, are difficult to bundle.

TKMI responsive

In order to make this offer tangible, the site approaches from several directions: On the one hand with a deliberately rough structuring and description of the service areas. References give an exemplary picture of the TKMI's performance capability. And finally, the contact area not only presents the individual companies in a compact form, it also guides - via filter functions - each interested party to the right contact person. And thanks to the TYPO3 Neos CMS, the entire website can be elegantly edited.

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