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Definitely not "Jacke wie Hose" as we say in Germany.

everve - that's bike clothing made in Germany,not just the next standard cycling wear item, but a product philosophy that supports comfortable cycling. On the one hand, the website is the central platform on which the brand idea can be experienced by means of image and storytelling formats. On the other hand, the shop presents the products - with high-quality full-screen images, a two-stage zoom and tooltip information pointing to the filigree details of the bikewear. In addition, the website also features a world first: the first individually configurable cycling bib shorts. Stylish visuals illustrate the concept and its unique material properties. Of course the user can order the perfectly padded bib shorts directly here - after his bottom has been subjected to a small "type consultation" (sitting posture, weight as well as type of saddle).

everve me + Produktdetails

The entire website was realised with the Shopware shop system, but was very individually adapted. A new wysiwyg* plugin allows the use of own bootstrap-based templates for a maximum individual look of the website. The design is completely dedicated to the everve concept and brand idea: maintain your momentum. Just as the everve products enable the smooth execution of the bike tour, the website wants to lead the user to his perfect product without any loss of time, energy and nerves. Linear structure, lots of white space and compact information in generous typography provide orientation and bring the user into a pleasant flow when dealing with the contents.

And if you look closely, you will see that the principle is still expressed in the everve lettering: even the energy of scrolling is converted into circulating movement of the letters. Thanks to the unpretentious photographs, the brand's down-to-earth character, which proudly emphasises the Swabian origins of the founders, is always preserved.

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