Canyon Realtime Dashboard

Big Data for the impatient

For Canyon, wysiwyg* implemented an individual web traffic analysis that is completely tailored to the special needs of the bike manufacturer. The Google Analytics API provides two strands of action: real-time and accumulated, monthly or weekly values. This enables a quick analysis of the performance of marketing campaigns on the one hand, and the evaluation of web statistics and social media activities of your own channels on the other.


Why the effort? Well, the "actionable insights" for "data driven decision making" are certainly also available in text form somewhere in the server log, but they don't come out by themselves. Only the targeted visualisation and prioritisation, preparation in different diagram types and intervals makes the data visible and thus also useful. For example, in the heated discussion about the relevance and share of desktop, tablet and mobile. Or whether the current newsletter is just as well received in France as in Austria.

Such a dashboard is typically a customised product that not only keeps track of the website's target audiences, but also those who use the board. Or even marvel at it. Completely individualised, for example, marketing can be supplied with hard figures sorted by product area over longer periods of time, the hotline with current visit statistics - and the foyer with the more spectacular but less sensitive data.

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