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How to make the complex simple

What's it all about?
Who is OGE? What does OGE do? And for whom? The new OGE website is here to answer these questions. In a nutshell: OGE transports natural gas. All over Europe. In Germany, OGE operates the largest long-distance gas network, at around 12,000 km. Emerging from Ruhrgas AG, OGE has more than 90 years of experience in the energy sector and, as an energy service provider, plays a role in the energy change. For a company in transition like OGE, innovation is a prerequisite - this is also what the new website aims to achieve.

The challenge
OGE is a basic provider. They have to follow a publication obligation, and information must be easily accessible, as transparent as possible, informative and tailored to the various target groups. How do we create the appropriate structure to orchestrate the project with all those involved, their requirements and expectations on the one hand, and to convey the fascinating but complex topic in a target group specific and entertaining manner on the other? And what does it all look like when the corporate design is developed parallel to the launch?

Approach & Solution
6 workshops, brainpower, even more passion: we choreograph the process with the different OGE departments, support, coach, structure and help the company to get to know and understand itself better. We learn all about the OGE target groups and their needs in all areas, meet the OGE employees and grow together to form a really good team. We translate the requirements into a system that is aligned in every detail - technically, visually and contentwise.

The website was realized with the content management system NEOS, including interface connection to the network data query, integration of a darksite tool, and editable up to colors and forms of the logo elements. The graphic implementation was done in close cooperation with Meis Design, the design agency responsible for the corporate design.

OGE Magazine, Storytelling, Services

Special features
In order to make the amount of complex information understandable and accessible, distinct design and strategic modelling is required. Our approach: Reduced cognitive load by choosing the right interface paradigms and metaphors, charming storytelling with motion design support and convincing micro-interactions that condense the user experience. That's the way to make complexity fun - for the users, the customer and for us.

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