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TGI Sports
Re-branding for the Technology, Media & Entertainment brand

TGI Sports is a sports rights and marketing company. The sports rights and marketing company TGI represents over 400 athletes around the world, creates award-winning campaigns for well-known brands and manages 3500 event days per year with 250 employees in 17 offices worldwide.

Since 1997, TGI has set the standard for connecting brands and stadiums with sports fans around the world with its dynamic digital solutions. Using innovative technology combined with decades of experience and data analytics, TGI creates commercial value in and out of sports venues.

In doing so, TGI offers a best-in-class portfolio, covering infrastructure, technology, game day operations, digital and broadcast media, event management and talent representation, PR and digital content creation.

TGI Color Schemes, Mockups

Making global experience and competence visible

TGI reached out to us in the context of merging their international business units. The different divisions had neither a coordinated portfolio nor a coordinated brand design. Our task: to develop a new brand identity and a new website.

What is special about TGI's portfolio is the combination of marketing, technology and content expertise - a unique offering that should be made visible and comprehensible in the new brand identity. In addition, TGI's existing solution building blocks and technical expertise enable the company to set up complex solutions within a minimum of time and to operate them.

TGI Analysis

Connecting brands with friends

The first step: a new logo and corporate identity that manifests all the aspects that define TGI. Dynamic. Self-confident. Globally active.

The website now shows the experiences TGI makes possible - and the dimension in which they make it happen. We connect the offer and the people involved: well-known brands, clubs and locations from their portfolio with athletes and hosts who create unique experiences. Eye-catching statements and convincing testimonials convey the benefits. And the simple, clear and reduced structure creates orientation and makes the content appealing.

TGI Brand Styleguide

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