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BOA Based On Art

The mission: An anytime accessible stage for remarkable art and art projects - hybrid Art Commerce. The combination of live experience and online offering, born out of Corona necessity.

The ingredients: The self-confidence to take a step back and be the best stage for the artists and their art.

Space for ideas

Outstanding photography that captures the art and the space. A space that is interpreted differently each time. Remarkable art by masters in their field, such as Takato Saito, Shigeko Kubota, Yoshio Shirakawa, Hiroh Kikai, Friedel Kubelka and many others.

The two minds behind BOA, Dunja Evers and Thomas Mass, are successful artists themselves and perhaps that's exactly why they are the perfect hosts.

BOA Shop Artefacts

The solution: A floating, almost invisible appearance, which offers the content the big stage and incidentally - if desired - the possibility to buy everything in the room. We have additionally built in the possibility to identify the selected work in Corona times via a QR code and thus purchase it from the exhibition - without having to exchange cash.

Along the way, the linkage from WordPress and WooCommerce still creates the wonderful effect that the unbridled artistic will to express can harmoniously coexist with direct shopping experience.

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